Erica Christ is certified in advanced Pilates mat and apparatus work through Power Pilates and a health and fitness instructor, certified through the American College Sports Medicine. She is an exercise physiologist and received dual Masters degrees in nutrition education and applied physiology from Teachers College at Columbia University. Erica is a licensed registered dietitian with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and is a certified diabetes educator.


EC Wellness Pilates Studio is located in the old Ernest Simons Manufacturing Builiding in convenient downtown Port Chester, NY. Ernest Simons Company was one of the largest manufacturers of textiles from 1890 through the 1940’s. The building now houses approximately 100 different unique tenants, including artists and photographers, architects, a dance company and advertisers, each with their own unique loft space.

The studio is fully equipped with Basil equipment.


Pilates Training

Pilates is a 100 year old system of exercises designed by Joseph Pilates, a professional boxer, circus-performer and self-defense trainer at Scotland Yard. The six principles include centering, control, concentration, breath, flow and precision. Working strength, flexibility and coordination, the exercises can be done on a mat or on various pieces of specifically crafted equipment. Pilates is appreciated by and can be adapted to meet the needs of everyone from elite athletes to those with injuries.

Through both strengthening and stretching Pilates:

  • Develops and improves postural alignment and core strength
  • Improves flexibility and range of motion
  • Enhances muscular endurance
  • Targets sport specific stabilizing muscles
  • Improves balance while decreasing back, neck and joint pain


Nutritional Counseling

As a registered dietitian for 15 years Erica’s philosophy is “start from where you are.” Everyone’s goals are different, so Erica’s approach to every client is different. After receiving a full assessment, Erica can create a personalized plan based on realistic, achievable healthy goals that can last a lifetime!

Functional Training

Pilates works well with functional training and EC Wellness is proud to partner with Physiologie at the studio by Richard Becker, MS.Ed, CDE, RCEP. Rich offers clients a practical approach to improve muscle movement patterns. Rather than isolating individual muscles, functional training uses compound exercises, making for a safer, more effective way to further train the body. To read more please view Rich’s website, www.phys-llc.com.




Welcome to the EC Wellness Blog

First things first …. Thank you for taking the time to read my very first blog!

Who am I? I am the owner and instructor at EC Wellness Private Pilates Studio in downtown Port Chester. As a long time Pilates student I have seen so many amazing studios and instructors but I knew what was missing: a place for people who don’t want a large studio but want to practice Pilates in a private setting scheduling appointments based on their personal needs. I am so proud of my studio. From the day I opened, I would run my studio as if I was the client, allowing the best experience possible! Being client focused allows the best experience possible!

So why am I blogging? I want to share what I live and breathe: trying to find balance in my life, just like the rest of us! And how on earth do I do that? Through Pilates, running, biking, walking, sleeping, eating and trying to soak up as much family time as I can.

And what on earth can I blog about so differently then anyone else? Well I can say I am one of the only Pilates instructors and registered dietitians around. Did I mention I’m a certified diabetes educator? I will share with you my personal and professional experiences to help you create and reach your own personal wellness goals!

Any questions?……go to my contact page , send me an email or a text! I’d love to hear from you.



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Contact Details

Phone: 914.419.2804
Email: info@ec-wellness.com

168B Irving Avenue Suite 203D
Port Chester, NY 10573