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Welcome to the EC Wellness Blog

First things first …. Thank you for taking the time to read my very first blog!

Who am I? I am the owner and instructor at EC Wellness Private Pilates Studio in downtown Port Chester. As a long time Pilates student I have seen so many amazing studios and instructors but I knew what was missing: a place for people who don’t want a large studio but want to practice Pilates in a private setting scheduling appointments based on their personal needs. I am so proud of my studio. From the day I opened, I would run my studio as if I was the client, allowing the best experience possible! Being client focused allows the best experience possible!

So why am I blogging? I want to share what I live and breathe: trying to find balance in my life, just like the rest of us! And how on earth do I do that? Through Pilates, running, biking, walking, sleeping, eating and trying to soak up as much family time as I can.

And what on earth can I blog about so differently then anyone else? Well I can say I am one of the only Pilates instructors and registered dietitians around. Did I mention I’m a certified diabetes educator? I will share with you my personal and professional experiences to help you create and reach your own personal wellness goals!

Any questions?……go to my contact page , send me an email or a text! I’d love to hear from you.